31 ideas from one of the world’s most successful dating experts

  1. Walk in the park
  2. Sit in a cafe
  3. Go to the beach
  4. Have dinner
  5. Assemble a jigsaw puzzle
  6. Cut each other’s hair
  7. Participate in a public competition
  8. Go to a festival
  9. Have a couples therapy session with an unsuspecting psychologist
  10. Run 10 miles together
  11. In-line skate / cycle
  12. Assemble IKEA furniture
  13. Join a cult
  14. Go to a nude painting class for beginners
  15. Play a videogame
  16. Read and then discuss random poetry
  17. Snow / water balloon fight
  18. Play a game of 100 questions
  19. Have a fake date (not a date-date)
  20. Chop wood
  21. Make it a teledate (video/audio)
  22. Exchange skills (teach to program/crochet/do accounts/work in a store)
  23. Cook
  24. Take a juggling lesson
  25. Have a pandas date (start by getting naked, work from there)
  26. Assemble personal groups of avengers and have a fictional fight
  27. Go LARPing
  28. Go to a shopping mall, pretend it’s an arts gallery
  29. Agree to lie about everything
  30. Build a birdhouse
  31. Move in together

And this is how we do it.