Dear Tom,
Do you know the saying, “Who You Surround Yourself With, You Become?” Who are the people you spend the most time with in your life, and how have you seen yourself becoming more like them?

Unless you are going into it eyes wide open and knowing that spending time with people is an utter waste of time as nobody can be as smart or as interesting for more than a few minutes as months and years of preparation, condensed into books and music, and performances, and TV series, and movies, and that all you are doing is getting high on a mentally arousing positively skewed reflection of yourself, where you like people who like you, and that the crowd you surround yourself with is quite probably mediocre, but because of the culture, and biology, and your monkey evolution-winning pack-brain, you are blind to it, it looks right, beautiful, exceptional, filled with passion, as it feeds you with what makes you feel right, makes you stuck in a reaffirmative loop, holding your gaze low, making you content with not staring out to the stars for too long, and setting your aim for a most pedestrian, and thus valid, lifestyle, with goals like family and getting a car and a house and fixing the fence and becoming good at cooking, and being very very happy, and sharing your opinions as if anybody would or even should actually care, and then buying another car and another house, being very very very happy, and then buying a new car because the old one is old now and the weather has gotten much nicer and it will be a fine summer after this cold winter, the winter was rough, and procreate, stringing your DNA into the future, for how else could we possibly find meaning, and then wake up at age of 95, incredibly, beautifully, fantastically, pathetic, with nobody there to lay it out to you, that your life was as if it hadn’t been at all, and you sit there, chewing your toast, looking through the window, and the sight of the white cherry blossom trees blooming in the garden makes you happy, you sigh, and after uttering your final platitude, keel off, pupils spinning into a previously unseen configuration.

Unless, that is, you are going into it eyes wide open, you should most likely not surround yourself with people. Though if still, make them ones you don’t want to become, the ones you could never become, and the ones that you don’t understand at all.