Flying sideways, Moira pulled out the gun from her belt and, straining against inertia, pointed it backwards from where the kick had come. Acquiring target and squeezing the trigger all followed with practiced ease, bang, recoil, and she squeezed the trigger again, sending the second bullet half a second later, more to the right.

Still having the rotary momentum of the kick that she sent Moira flying with, Delphinia slashed the first bullet in halves with her right hand sword, while moving the left hand one behind her back to shield her from the resulting shrapnel. Upon finishing the full motion, she flung her right hand under her left, flinging her sword towards Moira like a throwing knife, the sword absorbing the force from the second bullet as they met, fueling the spin of the sword.

Still mid-air, Moira spun away from the sword as it came towards her. A little slower and it would have landed straight into her eye socket, but now it just clipped a piece of her ear and a good chunk of her hair on the side. Moira was starting to get grumpy. As she kicked herself from the opposite wall, she fired three more times, the third squeeze resulting in an exhausted, bulletless click. As quickly as a fourth bullet would follow she flip the gun over and the gun’s butt found purchase in Delphinia’s knee with a satisfying crunch as she landed on the ground. Delphinia went down howling.

“Oh, shit, sorry” Moira said. “Does it hurt?”

“What do you think, shithead?”

“Oh, right, humm… but, look, my ear—”

“Look at my knee! It will definitely go green.”

“But my hair!”

“Your hair looks great!”

“Aww, thanks!”

“Can you grab me a pack of ice from the freezer?”

“Where is it?”

“Bottom shelf.”

“Ah, yes, here you go.”


“I’m sorry!”