“Pull over!” Black yelled through the car’s loudspeaker for the third time but the suspect’s Miata didn’t slow down.

They were going through the city all too fast, shop storefronts zipping by in rapid succession, blues and reds of the tailing police lights bouncing off the windows. Black floored the gas pedal and, as he rammed the suspect’s car, the airbags of his Mustang bloomed in slow motion. He yanked his hands off the wheel a split second before the airbags erupted as he had suddenly remembered that he was driving a commandeered vehicle. The time resumed. Cursing under his breath, he looked over the slowly deflating airbag. Miata was still going strong. He hit the throttle again and aimed to squeeze himself in on the right side. Then he swerved hard to the left, pushing Miata off the road and on to the pavement. The driver tried to fight her way out of the bind, but the Miata was now almost perpendicular to the road. A rusty portable dumpster of a construction site ahead came into the view through the side windows of the Miata and Black pumped the breaks, leaving the other car to negotiate physics with the container alone. It smacked into the container with an anticlimactic crunch and the vehicle finally came to a halt. Dazed, the driver staggered out of the car, dropping her jacket and revealing an explosive vest.

A muted crack came from Black’s Mustang, as the bullet left his gun, then shattered the window, going straight into the perp’s head and then out the other end, then through the green traffic light at the crossing 200 yards further, then through the second floor apartment’s street-facing wall, through the radiator, through the designer coffee table, through the faux fireplace, through the side wall plaster and the wiring embedded in it, triggering a spark that would put the flat on fire a few minutes later, through the hallway and into the staircase, through the door of the apartment across, through the window on the opposite side, into the fourth floor window 300 yards away, through another 20 buildings, the floor count growing till it was above and then clipped a pigeon and then through tropo, strato, meso, and thermosphere, then out into the the space, but before that, right throught the moon.