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White Fragility
Jun 5, 2020

DiAngelo in her book dismantles the notion that racism is simply “bad people doing bad stuff to people of color” as then nobody’s racist (except for that 3rd degree cousin, but he’s an idiot), cased closed, I don’t know what you are complaining about, things look just fine from here, can we talk about something else instead. Rather, among other things, she takes apart all the terminology one by one to show how and why racism is different from racial prejudices, and how really insidious the dynamic is, where the abused can’t speak up for it is offensive to the abusers. She also shows how sneakily invisible the matter of race is for us. So that, when we get confronted with race, we go straight into defence, and the self-defence arsenal of us, the whites, is enormous, from denial and dismissal to minimizing, self-focused guilt, our minds will do everything to shake the notion that anything we do could be racist (because that’s bad and we are, of course, very good) and return us to our equilibrium. This book has given me a framing that has allowed to think about race constructively, and a foundation I can stand on to ponder how we can do better. Needless to say, it’s a warm recommend.

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