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Senlin Ascends
May 16, 2020

“Senlin Ascends” Is a truly magical and at times harrowing adventure that will grab you by the lapels and not let go until you get in terms with the tower that Senlin, our protagonist (also, what a fantastic name), ends up battling on every step. It’s a series, so if you like where it will be taking you, you will be able to stretch that experience out with two more books. Also, the story hasn’t ended just yet, and will come to a close next year, when the fourth book comes out. So jump with me on the bandwagon and let’s go for a ride!

Thank you for scrolling to the very bottom! This list of recommendations is, of course, not exhaustive and looks only as far back as I went and copied stuff over from facebook. If you liked these, give me a shout, and I'll give you another few hundred recommendations!