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Thin Air
May 30, 2020

Richard K. Morgan is easily one of my alltime favourites for his very dry, hard boiled, noir, far future scifi work. The best quality about his works is how he rarely if ever succumbs to exposition and trusts that the reader will be able to piece the world together from within the world itself. I’ve been a long time fan of his Altered Carbon book series (you might have seen the tv show but, trust me, the books are exciting as well, if not more), and so I couldn’t believe my eyes when right before 2018 christmas I discovered this book, as with that the end of my year was set and to be spent off-planet. “Thin Air” did not disappoint. It has the very feel of altered carbon, and maybe even ramps up a notch. While thin air is not connected to the altered carbon universe, I’d still suggest to start enjoying Richard K.Morgan’s work with “Altered Carbon” (and maybe the first sequel after that).

Thank you for scrolling to the very bottom! This list of recommendations is, of course, not exhaustive and looks only as far back as I went and copied stuff over from facebook. If you liked these, give me a shout, and I'll give you another few hundred recommendations!