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The AI Doesn't Hate you
May 2, 2020

An easy recommend for the 21st and the encroaching 22nd century, and what’s in the cards for the humanity. Specifically – the scary thing that is AI and how it will save or break it. This book is perfect for everyone from complete luddites to people immersed in tech on daily basis as, before writing this book, Tom Chivers was science writer for BuzzFeed UK for a good while. So he knows how to write in an accessible way. Anywhere between today and the next 100 years, the AI research will create code capable of general intelligence. Within the few seconds following that, the machine running the code will surpass our cognitive abilities beyond anything we can imagine. The fallout will have vast implications and the events themselves are inevitable. So, grab some popcorn, and let’s see if this thing brings us the apocalypse or not. I’m of the same mind with the author that there is hope for us yet. Either way – grab a copy – the understanding will come handy rather sooner than later. Note on getting the book – due to a publishing snafu, the book is not available in kindle format. You can get a paperback, as well as it seems to be purchasable in google (means you’ll have to read on your phone).

Thank you for scrolling to the very bottom! This list of recommendations is, of course, not exhaustive and looks only as far back as I went and copied stuff over from facebook. If you liked these, give me a shout, and I'll give you another few hundred recommendations!